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The Cappy™ is a product by GPR Product Development. At GPR, we create simple solutions for everyday problems.


At GPR Product Development we focus on the needs of the consumer.  The inspiration for our products is motivated solely by solving simple, everyday concerns for our valued customers. At GPR product Development, our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We strive each day to ensure our business reflects integrity and our products add value and enjoyment in an inexpensive and convenient manner. .

We understand too the responsibility we have to the community at-large and the importance to give back. We are proud to state; our product is manufactured and packaged in the United States.    

Beyond business, we also have a public safety mission here at GPR. The proceeds of our company provide financial support for the operation of our non profit (501 C3); EZ-ID Program. Simply put, the goal of EZ-ID is to modernize and simply motor vehicle plate formatting, across the country, to empower everyone, even children, to recognize and report a vehicle and allow law enforcement to instantly respond, intervene, rescue, or apprehend.

Please help us in this undertaking; it may in fact save a life.