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Below is a short video from Gary Richard, the founder of GPR Products and the inventor of The Cappy.  He tells you everything you need to know.  Hope you enjoy!

Very Simple...in 3 Steps

It's a pretty "nifty" device. Simple, yet refined. It extends carbonation, keeps bugs out of your beverages and render cans spill proof. It's easy... just ask Neil Diamundo.

Open Can

With “U” side of The Cappy™ facing up, slide the leading edge under the can tab & lift to open. Then slide off of tab.

Install on Tab

With "U" side facing down, always slide The Cappy™ fully ONTO (& OFF) of the tab, from side opposite of the can opening.

Rotate to Cover

With The Cappy™ fully installed on the tab, rotate The Cappy™ over the can opening. Rotate back to drink. Clean prior to usage.


What our people and customers who have used our products say about The Cappy™
  • Wow. This is a great idea for outdoor activities when bugs want to get into your soda or beer. No more worries!
    Jason Redler // Cappy Customer - New Hampshire
  • These can lids are awesome!! No more flat or wasted soda. Thank you very much!
    Brian Jarvis // Cappy Customer - Massachusetts
  • The Cappy™ is pretty easy to use and because I can put it right on my keychain, I always have it with me.
    Tim Wagner // Cappy Customer - New York
  • I use it all the time, especially when I'm with a large group of people... as I helps me distinguish which drink is mine.
    Sarah Taylor // Cappy Customer - Virginia
  • Great for my kids. Stop spills and no more accidental bee stings in their mouth.
    Amanda Bancewicz // Cappy Customer - Florida